Aircraft Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Of Aircraft Parts

Experimental Aircraft Exhaust inc. offers ceramic coating of aircraft components such as exhaust and intake tubes. 

 Exhaust Before Ceramic Coating  Exhaust After Ceramic Coating

Intake Pipes After Ceramic Coating  Rotex "Y" After Ceramic Coating  Tail Pipe After Ceramic Coating

When having your exhaust parts coated, have it done by the people who build aircraft exhaust.

  • Proper slip joint clearance
  • Ceramic applied to designated locations and not to heat muff areas
  • Proper handling of aircraft parts
  • We can also repair your system when it is in for coating

Why Have Your System Coated

  • Thermal barrier - Reduce your under cowl temps and heat exposure to surrounding components
  • Protective Coating - Reduces corrosion from the harsh environment
  • Cosmetic - While stainless turns color in just a few hours, ceramic retains it's look for years



 Current Ceramic Coating Color Options
 Grey Ice Ceramic Coating
Satin Black Ceramic Coating
 Turbine Coat Ceramic Coating
 Satin Silver Ceramic Coating


For Experimental Aircraft Only

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