Performance Aircraft Exhaust


Being a leader in the performance aircraft exhaust world doesn’t just happen. It takes years of experience and fabrication capabilities to make this a reality. Some of our staff has over 30 years of aircraft exhaust experience. This depth of knowledge in the aircraft exhaust industry, gives us that ability to bring unique solutions to exhaust projects not found elsewhere. Whether it’s one system or a production run, Experimental Aircraft Exhaust Inc., has the exhaust solution you are looking for.

Building systems for champions is the cornerstone of our company 

Here is an example of a system we built for Sean Tucker of Team Oracle. 


Fabricated in a 321 stainless and utilizing a 6 into 1 merge collector, this system incorporates a ball joint in each of the primary tubes to give the system longer life through allowing it to operate in a “No Stress” configuration. The system also incorporates an integral crankcase evac tube. The final touch to this system was it’s high temp ceramic coating. Applied to reduce under cowl temps and maintain a consistent long lasting appearance.


Only an exhaust system for Experimental Aircraft Exhaust Inc., can take the abuse these acrobatic aircraft can deliver.
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